Médecins Sans Frontières Ireland Staff and volunteers with President Michael D. Higgins.  September 2012

Board of Directors

Dr. Gabriel Fitzpatrick (Chair of the Board)
Bernadette Orbinski Burke (Treasurer)
Vickie Hawkins (Director)
Daniel McLaughlin (Director)


Director, Jane-Ann McKenna

Jane-Ann was appointed Director of MSF Ireland in 2011. Prior to joining the office team, Jane-Ann worked in financial and project management roles with Médecins Sans Frontières in Sudan, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan and Central African Republic.

Phone: 01 660 3337
E-mail: Jane-Ann.McKenna@dublin.msf.org

For enquiries about MSF's work, media interviews and information on MSF projects across the world, please contact Jane-Ann.

Communications Manager, Deirdre Mangaoang

Deirdre was appointed Communications Manager in 2010, having completed field missions with Médecins Sans Frontières in Myanmar and South Sudan. 

Phone: 01 660 3337
Mobile: 085 106 9132
E-mail: Deirdre.Mangaoang@dublin.msf.org

For media enquiries, interviews with MSF teams in our project countries, visits to our projects, background research, photos, reports or to receive our news releases or quarterly newsletter please contact Deirdre.

Fundraising Manager, JoAnne O'Donovan

JoAnne was appointed Fundraising Manager in May 2013 having worked with environmental advocacy NGOs for the past five years.  JoAnne holds a BSc in Marketing from D.I.T, and a Professional Certificate in Leadership, Organizing and Action from Harvard Kennedy School.

Phone: 01 660 3337
Mobile: 086 043 3943
E-mail: JoAnne.ODonovan@dublin.msf.org

If you'd like to talk to JoAnne about how you can support our work or if you would like to discuss any aspect of your donation, please feel free to get in touch.

Supporter Development Executive, Alice Sachova

Alice was appointed Donor Care Officer in 2013, having previously worked in other development NGO's in Ireland. She recently graduated with a Masters in Global Health from Trinity College Dublin and is currently completing a Diploma in Fundraising.

Email: Alice.Sachova@dublin.msf.org

If you are thinking about fundraising for Médecins Sans Frontières and would like further information, Alice will be happy to help you.

Digital Fundraising & Marketing Coordinator, Adeline Destrémau

After graduating with a Master's Degree in International Affairs, Adeline gained experience working in different companies, especially in the internet industry, bringing with her a strong background in digital marketing. Adeline joined MSF Ireland in July 2014.

Email: Adeline.Destremau@dublin.msf.org

Please feel free to contact Adeline for any additional information on fundraising for MSF.

Administrator, Leilani Wilson

Leilani joined the MSF Ireland team in October 2013 having graduated with a first class honours degree in Digital Humanities.

Recruitment Volunteer, Brenda Clausard

Brenda provides regular assistance to the MSF Ireland team on a part-time basis.