8th May 2012 is International Nurses Day

At MSF, we'd like to pay tribute to some of our fantastic nurses who volunteer with us to bring medical care to the people who need it most.

In 2010, across 65 countries, MSF teams

  • treated 7 million outpatients;
  • vaccinated 4 million people against measles;
  • admitted 300,000 malnourished children to therapeutic feeding programmes;
  • and carried out more than 50,000 major surgeries. 

We also delivered 150,000 babies.  

None of the above would have been possible with our nurses.  Happy Nurses Day! 




Orla Condren is from Co. Tipperary


International Nurses day Link to video of MSF Nurse in Central African Republic

Orla has worked with MSF in India, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, and is currently preparing to head off on her sixth mission, to Haiti.

Speaking about her mission in South Sudan, Orla recalls

“I was the only medic on the ground, and I got in a woman in obstructed labour.  She also had eclampsia, so she kept fitting, and therefore was unable to push the baby out.  Again, you have to cope.  I rang the Medical Coordinator in the capital, and we figured it out.  That’s the way it goes!!”




Laura Duggan is from Dublin

International Nurses Day - MSF Nurse Laura Duggan in Nigeria

Laura has just finished her first mission with MSF in Nigeria where she was assigned to the Emergency Response Unit to deal with cholera outbreaks. 

"I learned how to communicate a few key health messages in the local language such as ‘Shay rua sousi, sousi’ which means ‘drink lots of water, frequently’.  If I had any free time I’d march around the wards repeating this over and over. 

The patients would be rolling around the place laughing at me, but they got the gist of what I was trying to say, and they’d all take a drink of water.”   

Read Laura's full interview with World of Irish Nursing here



Aileen Ní Chaoilte is from Galway

International Nurses Day - MSF Nurse Aileen Ní Chaoilte in Democratic Republic of Congo

Aileen has just arrived in Haiti on her second MSF mission, having already spent almost a year in Democratic Republic of Congo

Read her pre-departure interview with the Galway Advertiser here






Elaine Badrian is from Co. Offaly

International Nurses Day - MSF Nurse Elaine Badrian in Central African Republic

Elaine is currently on mission in Democratic Republic of Congo having worked with MSF in Haiti, Central African Republic, Somalia and Democratic Republic of Congo previously

"For me, working with MSF is definitely an enriching experience. 

There are always sad stories, children we lost, people we could not help as their conditions were too complicated for our limited possibilities, but the happy outcomes far outweigh the sad ones."


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