Interview with Katrin Kisswani, who headed MSF’s activities in northern Syria for two months.

MSF Ireland's Head of Office Jane-Ann McKenna has been speaking to Newstalk's Sean Moncrieff in a recent twenty minute interview.

In the interview Jane-Ann, who has worked with MSF in Darfur, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan and Central African Republic, speaks on a broad range of topics including her own experiences in the field with MSF, the place for discussion with other international humanitarian organisations during a crisis and the recent shortfall in funding to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria.

Listen to the full interview here.

Jonathan Whittal, MSF Emergency Coordinator in Tripoli was interviewed live on Morning Ireland today, 25 August.  He describes the huge pressures on medical staff and hospitals in the Libyan capital as they struggle to cope with high numbers of wounded patients.  There is also a critical shortage of fuel needed for ambulances and generators. 

"Almost all of the hospitals around the city are receiving wounded" - read full interview from Tripoli

18th July 2011: With the latest update on the humanitarian crisis in East Africa, MSF's Operational Manager Joe Belliveau reports that inside Somalia and in camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, MSF is treating more than 10,000 children in therapeutic feeding programmes.  

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Read an interview with an MSF doctor in Marere, southern Somalia

MSF's Operational Manager for Somalia and Kenya, Joe Belliveau, was interviewed today (Monday 11th July 2011) on Morning Ireland.  He talks about MSF's efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis inside Somalia, and MSF's work with Somali refugees in Kenya and Ethiopia.  Joe also discusses the recent announcement by Al-Shabaab and the potential impact this could have on expanding aid programmes in Al-Shabaab territory.

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Speaking on RTE's Morning Ireland programme on Thursday 17th March, the Executive Director of MSF Ireland and the UK, Marc DuBois describes MSF's humanitarian relief effort in Japan. 

"How do you imagine something like this? In the blink of an eye their lives were turned upside down...their future, the fear of what to come is weighing very heavily on these people...We're moving to get psycho-social and mental health experts on the ground."

The General Director of MSF Japan was interviewed on Morning Ireland on Monday 14th March.  He describes the relief effort and what the situation is on the ground for both rescue workers and the survivors in the worst hit areas of Sendai city and around Miyagi prefecture. 

"There are definitly huge medical needs in the evacuation centre, and amongst the people who haven't reached the evacuation centres"

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Simon Burroughs is MSF's Field Coordinator in Libya.  In this short interview today, 1st March, he describes the situation he and his team found on arrival into Benghazi. 

"What MSF has been doing over the last three days is first of all assessing the medical structures in Benghazi town itself. Actually on the journey from the border to Benghazi we also stopped to assess medical facilities in Al Bayda.

In the run-up to Christmas, Pat Kenny interviewed three of MSF's Irish doctors on their first mission who would be spending Christmas at work, away from home, about what motivates them to work for MSF and how they would celebrate Christmas Day in their respective areas. 

Dr Declan Barry, from Longford, was interviewed from his project in Mattar, Ethiopia; Dr. Gabriel Fitzpatrick from Aughnamullen, Co. Monaghan was interviewed from Bokoro in Chad; and Dr. Sarah Taaffe from north Dublin was interviewed from South Africa, having travelled down from her project in Zimbabwe.

On RTE Radio 1, Pat Kenny interviews MSF's Head of Mission in Haiti, Jean-Raphael Dantin.  Jean-Raphael describes the magnitude of the epidemic, and explains that MSF urgently needs other agencies to assist in water distribution and waste management in order to prevent further people becoming severely sick.