Released just a few weeks before MSF celebrates its fortieth anniversary, (21st December 2011) "Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed - The MSF Experience" is a candid examination of the compromises MSF has made – some successfully others less so – to try and help the people suffering most in the world today.  This book sets out to deliberately puncture a number of myths which place humanitarianism above politics.

"Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed" can be read online or purchased from MSF's CRASH website

Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed © MSF

MSF in the field

Case studies from recent conflicts such as Yemen, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan lay bare the reality of MSF’s efforts to reach the most affected people, and explore just what the limits of compromise should be.

There are also a series of thematic essays that explore broader issues, such as the real usefulness of aid responses to natural disasters.

Critical eye

The book is written by MSF insiders, but is far from a PR exercise.  Decisions made in the ‘heat of battle’ by MSF are unpicked and critiqued.

At a time where humanitarian actors are questioning their ability to overcome the obstacles they are encountering, this book seeks to help fuel the debate on their ambitions and the best ways of fulfilling them.

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