Our Fundraising team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to our supporters, without whom MSF's work would not be possible.

Your ongoing support enables MSF to reach more people in need, respond faster in emergencies, broaden the range of medical services we provide, and improve the quality of our medical care.

Supporter Charter:

Independence   We are committed to prioritizing private over institutional funds. By doing so, we help guarantee the independence and impartiality of our action. We do not accept money coming from sources which are in conflict with our mission. We strive to involve donors on a regular and long-term basis by increasing their understanding and support for our values. We prioritize unrestricted over restricted funds to maximise our ability to use the money where it is most needed and to react immediately to an upcoming event.

Needs driven approach   We are committed to needs-driven Fundraising and strive to raise as much money as necessary to fulfil the medical and humanitarian response to the needs of our patients.  Specifically in high profile humanitarian emergencies we refrain from dramatizing or idealizing our action for pure marketing purposes and do our best to accept funds commensurate with our medical response.

Accountability and Transparency  We are committed to being accountable and transparent with our donors. We inform them actively about who we are, what we do, how we work and how we use their money. We strive to communicate the reasons for our decisions, the results of our actions, and the challenges inherent in our work as a medical humanitarian organization. We transparently communicate in detail through consolidated financial statements how we use the donations and have put in place the necessary external control mechanisms.

Respect and Honesty   We are committed to communicate about the situation in the field, the patients we treat and our medical and humanitarian response in a truthful, respectful and dignified manner and refrain from manipulating the image of our patients’ plight. We also respect the wish of our donors on how to use the money. If circumstances do not allow us to respect their wish, we communicate our constraints and suggest alternatives which could include refunding in extreme cases. We value and protect our donors’ privacy.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency  We are committed to fundraise efficiently and strive to reach the highest cost-effectiveness in order to maximise net income and to preserve a healthy return on Fundraising investment. As a movement, we seek to use a minimum of 80% of the financial resources for our social mission.


Financial independence provided by your donations allows MSF to:

Choose freely where to intervene based on medical needs alone

Intervene quickly in emergency situations, regardless of political concerns or media coverage

Decline government funding that would compromise the ability to run effective programmes or funds from parties involved in the crisis

Commit resources and teams to innovative new projects, for example, MSF was able to treat patients living with HIV/AIDS with antiretroviral medicines long before governments started allocating funding for treatment

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