22 Sep 16 29 Nov 16

Closing borders is not the answer

In September 2015, after exhausting journeys across land and sea, 5,000 people found themselves in no man’s land between the borders of Hungary and Serbia. 

Many were in dire health so MSF set-up 24 hour medical support and distributed tents to the families most in need. 

“Closing borders is not a solution, it just pushes responsibility to neighbouring countries and forces people to take more risks and makes their journey even harder, with a clear impact on their health” says MSF’s Ana de Lemos.

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“As long as conflicts continue in countries of origin, people will continue to be forced to become refugees, and they will continue to have to find ways out; no matter the obstacles.”

In addition to helping pregnant women, treating wounds and respiratory problems, MSF teams also provided mental health support - and we continue to do so, across Europe, as the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War shows no sign of abating.