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Give in celebration

Supporting MSF in celebration of a special occasion extends the goodwill far beyond the day. By suggesting a gift to MSF instead of presents you can help bring essential medical care to people most in need.

You can make a donation online and choose to send an MSF e-card or a card through the post in celebration of an upcoming birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other special occasion. It's quick and a great alternative to traditional gifts.

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Create a JustGiving in celebration page

Alternatively, you may prefer to ask your friends and family to make a charitable donation in celebration on JustGiving. Again you can do this online, simply click the button below to set up a page on JustGiving to collect donations for MSF.

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Feel free to contact us

If you have any questions about giving in celebration please feel free to contact Maryam on 020 7067 4264 or send an email to tributes@london.msf.org and she will be happy to help.

Thank you