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Learning and development opportunities

We are committed to supporting you as your MSF career develops.

We do this in a variety of different ways and there are various different types of training courses available as well as structured one-to-one career development sessions.

Once you have been accepted onto the MSF Register, this is something that you will be able to discuss in more detail with your Human Resources Officer. Further details of some of the types of courses that we offer can be found below:

Two recently recruited MSF health promoters learn how to screen children in the community with a more experienced health promotion team member. © Julie Rémy

MSF training

The operational centres’ training brochures and the international training plan outline all the courses and programmes available to MSF field employees while they are on mission.

The application and selection process is managed by the operational centres for which the field employees currently work or will work, as described in the brochures:

OCA Training Brochure,
OCA Training Application Form,
OCBA Training Brochure
OCB Training Brochure
OCG Training Brochure,
OCP Training Brochure.

External training

MSF UK field staff and all members of the MSF UK Association have access to the MSF UK Training and Reading Libraries ( These libraries are a central resource of Learning and Development for all MSF UK field staff.

  • The Reading Library provides a central resource of MSF manuals, guidelines, project reports, evaluations and toolkits for all MSF disciplines, from WATSAN and logistics through to surgery and Humanitarian Affairs. This library is to be used to help people expand their knowledge of their disciplines, though they are not an up to date resource to be used in the field.
  • The Training Library provides links to a range of online and practical courses across all the humanitarian disciplines. It provides Association members access to over a thousand free, online courses, and also a list of widely recognised certified courses and degrees that MSF field staff can apply for MSF UK funding.

To apply for funding for any courses, MSF field staff must fill in the learning and development form on the Association UK Training Library page, and submit it to their HRO with a cover letter. The HRO will then check if funding is available and approved, and confirm with the expat.

Security training

As a responsible employer, MSF UK considers the safety and security of its employees to be of the highest importance. In response to the often unstable environments in which MSF works we have compiled an inventory of all security training available to MSF employees.

For further information on what security training is available to you please contact your designated Human Resources Officer.

Language courses

MSF UK is running weekly French lessons for conversation practice, free for MSF staff. Classes are delivered by a native French speaker who is a trainer/ teacher as well a scientist (PHD in Chemistry) and has been volunteering with MSF for over a year (and is familiar with MSF as an organisation).

The classes take place in MSF's London office every Friday: 11.15-12.15 Beginners, 12.30-13.30 Intermediate (GCSE level), 14.00-15.00 Advanced. For more information please contact your designated Human Resources Officer. If you want to improve your general French language skills on your own please read the recommendations from Foundation 9, the language school in Brussels that MSF collaborates with.

A career with MSF

If you would like to read real life examples of MSFers and their careers please download this brochure which contains interviews with our staff.

Current MSF field staff

If you are currently working with MSF in the field, you can access the Training section of the MSF Association Website (your login details will have been provided when you were matched to a mission).