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Snapshot 09/09/2016

This week in PLOS Medicine, MSF presents an ethics framework for humanitarian innovation that is intended for self-guided use by innovators to enable them to identify the harms and benefits of such work and be sensitive to ethical considerations.

In the European Respiratory Journal, MSF analyses the effect of treatment monitoring strategies on the detection of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment failure.

In Malaria Journal MSF reports on a clinical trial comparing two artemisinin combination therapies in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, assesses the effectiveness of dihydroartemisinin–piperaquine in a low transmission setting in Cambodia, and explores the prevalence and diagnostics of congenital malaria in rural Burundi.

In PLOS ONE MSF examines the impact and lessons learned from mass drug administrations of malaria chemoprevention during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, in 2014.

Lastly,The BMJ argues that global health policy is institutionally ageist and is actively discriminating against the needs of older populations. If this topic interests you, you can read an MSF article on ending the neglect of older people in the response to humanitarian emergencies here.


PLOS Medicine • Health action**MSF Author**: A Médecins Sans Frontières Ethics Framework for Humanitarian Innovation


Malaria Journal • Research**MSF Author**: In vivo efficacy of artesunate–amodiaquine and artemether–lumefantrine for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria: an open-randomized, non-inferiority clinical trial in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Malaria Journal • Research**MSF Author**: Assessing the asymptomatic reservoir and dihydroartemisinin–piperaquine effectiveness in a low transmission setting threatened by artemisinin resistant Plasmodium falciparum

PLOS ONE • Research**MSF Author**: Impact and Lessons Learned from Mass Drug Administrations of Malaria Chemoprevention during the Ebola Outbreak in Monrovia, Liberia, 2014

Malaria Journal • Research**MSF Author**: Prevalence and diagnostics of congenital malaria in rural Burundi, a cross-sectional study

The Lancet • Corr: Chinese action towards global malaria eradication

The Lancet • Corr: Chinese action towards global malaria eradication – Authors' reply

The Lancet • Comment: Against the odds, Sri Lanka eliminates malaria


European Respiratory Journal • Research**MSF Author**: Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment failure detection depends on monitoring interval and microbiological method

PLOS Medicine • Research: Sex Differences in Tuberculosis Burden and Notifications in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Global health policy

BMJ • Analysis: Institutional ageism in global health policy


The Lancet GH • Article: Prevention of sexual transmission of Ebola in Liberia through a national semen testing and counselling programme for survivors: an analysis of Ebola virus RNA results and behavioural data

The Lancet GH • Comment: The Liberia Men's Health Screening Program for Ebola virus: win-win-win for survivor, scientist, and public health


The Lancet • Editorial: Zika's emerging threat for the Asia-Pacific region

NEJM • Corr: Zika Virus and the Guillain–Barré Syndrome — Case Series from Seven Countries

BMJ • News: Continued spread of Zika raises many research questions, WHO says

PLOS NTDs • Research: Culex quinquefasciatus from Rio de Janeiro Is Not Competent to Transmit the Local Zika Virus

PLOS NTDs • Research: Nonstructural Proteins Are Preferential Positive Selection Targets in Zika Virus and Related Flaviviruses

The Lancet Inf Dis • Article: Potential for Zika virus introduction and transmission in resource-limited countries in Africa and the Asia-Pacific region: a modelling study

The Lancet Inf Dis • Comment: Zika virus: who's next?


The Lancet HIV • Article: Comparative efficacy and safety of first-line antiretroviral therapy for the treatment of HIV infection: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

The Lancet HIV • Comment: First-line integrase inhibitors for HIV—prices versus benefits

The Lancet HIV • Article: Association of age, baseline kidney function, and medication exposure with declines in creatinine clearance on pre-exposure prophylaxis: an observational cohort study

The Lancet HIV • Comment: The benefits and risks of PrEP and kidney function


The Lancet Inf Dis • Research: Interventions to optimise the care continuum for chronic viral hepatitis: a systematic review and meta-analyses

The Lancet Inf Dis • Comment: Building the evidence base to eliminate hepatitis B and C as public health threats

Yellow fever

The Lancet • Corr: Yellow fever outbreaks, vaccine shortages and the Hajj and Olympics: call for global vigilance

BMJ • News: Vigilance still needed to contain Africa’s yellow fever outbreak, says WHO

Health in a humanitarian setting

The Lancet GH • Article: Mexico's path towards the Sustainable Development Goal for health: an assessment of the feasibility of reducing premature mortality by 40% by 2030

The Lancet GH • Comment: No easy answer for how to tackle Mexico's health challenges

The Lancet • Corr: Protect Syria's doctors: an open letter to world leaders

The Lancet • Corr: Children of war: urgent action is needed to save a generation

The Lancet • Comment:  Africa—the incarceration of a continent

The Lancet • World Report: Venezuela: aid needed to ease health crisis

The Lancet • Corr: Global surgery initiative in Greece: more than an essential initiative

The Lancet • Corr: Is it time for a Refugees' Health Unit in Greece?


BMJ • News: NICE consults on child vaccination rates

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