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MSF Scientific Days: an overview

MSF Scientific Days is a conference without borders. Research and innovation from the frontline of humanitarian action is presented and debated.

The event has grown since the early days. It now spans two days at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, with additional events in New Delhi and Johannesburg in 2016.

The entire conference is broadcast online in French and English, with more than 11,000 people from 125 countries joining.  

MSF staff, academic partners and other NGOs present and discuss their work. In London, the first day is dedicated to innovation and the second focuses on medical research. 


First introduced in 2015, this strand of Scientific Days explores new ideas and creative approaches to problem solving.

Innovation is a hot topic in the humanitarian sector. But how do we ensure we are using the best means to deliver medical humanitarian assistance while avoiding innovation just for its own sake?

This day focuses on the role of technology in humanitarian work and the exchange of ideas among the technological, medical and operational worlds.

Presentations cover topics such as GIS mapping, information systems and knowledge management, e-health, and innovative operational models and technological solutions to challenges in patient care.


MSF has a history of medical and humanitarian research which has changed how patients are treated and emergencies tackled.

This day presents research from MSF projects around the world, incorporating critical analysis and debate among external experts and MSF staff in the field and in the auditorium.

Session topics have included: new approaches to diagnosing and treating HIV and TB; reproductive health and sexual violence; challenges to malaria control strategies; and Ebola in West Africa (operational research from the current outbreak and debate on the ways forward).

External keynote speakers present cutting edge reaseach and ideas. Previous keynotes include Professor Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust.

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