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Photographer guidelines

Pictures are important to MSF. They can educate people around the world about the situations our teams are witnessing and they can help MSF to raise money, recruit vital staff and inspire people. MSF works closely with photographers to get these important images.

The priority for teams on the ground, however, is to provide professional and timely medical care to people in need.

Visiting MSF projects

There is some scope for welcoming visitors (such as photographers) to MSF projects, but this is dependent on the workload of the teams, the logistics of getting to remote areas and the security implications of having another person in a tense environment.

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We get many offers from photographers who want to visit MSF projects and we are only able to accommodate some of these requests.

Usually we will find it easier to justify taking up the valuable time and resources of the teams on the ground if a photographer has a clear plan of how they intend to distribute their work on their return.

If a series of photos has been commissioned for a major newspaper or magazine, for example, it will be easier for us to justify the effort to accommodate a photographer if we know the details.

Photographer guidelines

We are keen to make sure that photography is always conducted sensitively in MSF projects.

To read more about what we expect from photographers, please click here to download our Photographer Guidelines - PDF.

Whatever your plans, if you can demonstrate experience of taking exceptional images in difficult locations and would like to visit an MSF project, please get in touch with Dónal Gorman at or +353 (0)85 106 9132 to discuss how we can work together.