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An MSF health worker, flipping through papers, leans down to a patient lying on a bed, as two women and a child sitting on the bed look on.
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Research approach

As well as providing vital medical assistance for populations in need, we bear witness to the plight of the people we assist, and advocate on their behalf.

Research generates evidence that helps us improve the effectiveness and quality of the medical care that we deliver, as well as convincing others to take action.

Urgent medical and humanitarian issues

MSF research focuses on the challenges of delivering medical humanitarian assistance to populations affected by conflict, natural disasters and lack of access to healthcare. 

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Research topics include treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, neglected tropical diseases and mental healthcare. Research published by MSF is archived, free to access, on the MSF Field Research website.

HIV: changes in global healthcare

Our interactive HIV timeline tells the history of MSF’s success in enabling communities affected by HIV to take control of their own care.

It highlights how MSF developed a new approach to treating HIV in resource-poor settings, and the research evidence that influenced a shift in global HIV health-care policy.

The Manson Unit: medical specialists

The Manson Unit is the UK-based team of medical specialists who conduct research as well as providing medical and technical support to MSF programmes.

Their expertise focuses on critical areas of medical healthcare relevant to the populations MSF serves, such as TB, HIV/AIDS, outbreaks of infectious diseases and environmental contamination.

Keep up to date with MSF’s research publications and latest news

Our published research has led to significant changes in policy and clinical practice.

By focussing on the needs of the patients we treat, and addressing challenges relevant to our field operations, we seek to ensure the research we do delivers real benefits for our patients.

Read about some of our most recent research and what we’ve been doing to help patients with tuberculosis.

MSF research on Twitter

For the latest updates on research issues in and around MSF, follow us on @MSFsci.

MSF’s annual Scientific Day


Once a year we hold a conference to present scientific research carried out in our programmes around the world.

Visit the MSF Scientific Day webpage for more information.