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We're a network

Human connections are at the heart of our work; our medics reach our patients thanks to a vast network of staff and supporters. Collectively, we help millions of people every year. 

“The act of humanitarianism comes down to one thing: individual human beings reaching out to their counterparts, one bandage at a time, one suture at a time, one vaccination at a time,” said Dr James Orbinski, a former MSF president. 

Connecting people

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) was set up to make this possible on a global scale. We have built a network of individuals that connects supporters with medics with patients to help the people in greatest need.

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Forty-five years on, we have more than 37,000 staff around the world. These individuals own and run MSF, making collective decisions and shaping the future of the MSF movement.

And we are funded by millions of individual supporters, allowing us to respond quickly and remain fiercely independent.

Emergency care

We respond to disasters that strike suddenly, but we also spend decades in some countries and help generations access healthcare. 

"Humanitarian responsibility has no frontiers.”
Dr james orbinskiformer msf president

Many former patients have become MSF staff, inspired by the care they received. Our teams come from dozens of countries, moving across borders to help wherever they are needed.

As Dr Orbinski said, “Humanitarian responsibility has no frontiers.”

Eye witness

MSF draws on many skills and talents. The original founders were doctors and journalists, and bearing witness is an essential part of what we do.

We speak out about what we see, using our voice to draw attention, provoke action and connect people.

The networks we build, through stories, eye-witness accounts and detailed reports, are critical.

We hope to mobilise the public and draw the attention of decision makers to some of the most difficult, dangerous and neglected health issues in the world.