Shortly after I arrived in this project in May I had a glance over some of the statistics from last year. It became quickly obvious that June was going to be very busy and I was arriving just in time for the peak of the hunger gap. So now that June is over and all of the statistics are compiled it’s a good time to reflect on some of the figures for the Bentiu project in June.

A child is sreened for malnutrition using a MUAC bracelet in South Sudan
In June we had 567 admissions to our ATFC (Ambulatory Therapeutic  Feeding Programme) between our static and mobile clinics, there were 143 children discharged recovered, 80 defaulted for various reasons, to leave 818 in the programme at the end of the month.   

Our outreach team carried out MUAC (mid upper arm circumference) a screening method to help detect malnutrition in children from six months to six years on a total of 3357 children throughout Bentiu and Rubkona towns and referred 139 of these to the ATFC for treatment of malnutrition.

In the ITFC (Inpatient Therapeutic Feeding Programme) admissions had increased from previous months to 155.

There were 147 exits 137 of whom were recovered or transferred to the ambulatory programme. Sadly there were seven deaths.

48 children remained in the ITFC at the end of the month. Most of these children admitted to the ITFC in June were suffering from acute watery diarrhoea.

48,585 sachets of plumpy nut (Ready to use therapeutic food) were distributed between ATFC, mobile and ITFC. 1,848 sachets of therapeutic milk were used in the ITFC between the F75 and F100 formulas. 7,550 amoxicillin (antibiotic) tablets were dispensed as part of routine medical treatment to all children admitted to the programme along with 584 folic acid tablets and 661 doses of vitamin A.

In the ambulatory programme 2,001 sachets of oral rehydration solution were dispensed to help treat children with diarrhoea.

New pathways were laid at the clinic in preparation for the rains (we still got flooded recently unfortunately!). A measles vaccination campaign in Mayom County gave vaccines to over 11,000 children.

All of this was delivered by a team of seven international staff and over 80 South Sudanese staff.

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