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Dispatches Spring 2014
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Some 70,000 refugees from Mali are living in difficult conditions in the middle of the Mauritanian desert, with ethnic tensions in northern Mali quashing any hopes of a swift return home.  MSF is calling on aid organisations urgently to renew efforts to meet the refugees’ basic needs.

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Read the full press release issued 12.04.13

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Malnutrition in Sahel demands more than only an emergency response

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Malnutrition and malaria are closely related.  In ths report released on World Malaria Day 2013, MSF is calling for innovative and integrated responses to treat both illnesses. 

See full press release (25 April 2013)

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In 2009, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) witnessed a worrying deterioration in the situation in the semi-autonomous region of Southern Sudan, with severe medical humanitarian  implications for the population. Though challenges occur within the context of Sudan as a whole, we will focus solely on the worsening situation in the South in this report.

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Strategies, tools and policies to get the best HIV treatment to more people, sooner

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Societies which have experienced years of suffering and social upheaval due to long periods of violent conflict not only face high levels of emotional distress, but have great need of a healthy, productive population to rebuild their country. However, as mental health problems are often less visible than physical ill health, and often less understood by most in the community, mental health care is frequently significantly less resourced than physical health care.




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One year after the catastrophe, it's important to look back on what has been done and achieved and to review the choices that were made.  We must also be ready to tackle remaining challenges, formulate necessary strategies, and learn lessons that will improve our emergency responses in the future.

In the past year, MSF teams have: