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Meet our door-to-door team

Our MSF Fundraising team is exceptionally trained, committed and dedicated to MSF’s mission of providing medical care where it is needed most.

Our fundraisers reach out to the MSF supporters who make our work possible, while also raising awareness about our work on behalf of our doctors and patients.


How your regular monthly gift makes a difference

We provide medical aid where it is needed most and where others can't, won't or choose not to go.

Rapid response to medical and logistical help is vital.

Your generosity allows us to act quickly, remain independent and go where the need is greatest; responding to war, disasters and epidemics.

Your donation matters. It gives us independence from political interference and red tape and allows us to act without delay or obstruction.

Meet the team:

D2D Shannon Ross Team Coach Caption
Shannon Ross Team Coach
D2D Clara Griffin Caption
Clara Griffin
D2D Brian Spillane Caption
Brian Spillane
D2D Laurent Luntadilawo Caption
Laurent Luntadilawo
D2D Zola Nanzaya Caption
Zola Nanzaya
D2D Matthew McCallum Caption
Matthew McCallum
Patricia MSF door-to-door Caption
Patricia Black

They will come to your door with:

A photo ID badge,
An MSF jacket and bag,
An MSF tablet and folder.

Where to find our team this week (20-05-2024)​​​

Matthew McCallum: MSF ambassador in Cabra, Dublin
Laurent Luntadilawo: MSF ambassador in Tipperary
Brian Spillane: MSF ambassador in Dungarvan, Waterford
Patricia Black: MSF ambassador in Tullamore, Offaly
Zola Nanzaya: MSF ambassador
Shannon Ross: MSF team coach
Clara Griffin: MSF team lead

If you have any questions, please send an email to fundraising@dublin.msf.org or call us on +353 (0)1 660 3337, we will be happy to help.