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Fundraising FAQs

Fundraising needn't be a challenge, to help you we've put together these handy FAQs.

How do I pay in the funds that I have raised through sponsorship or at an event?

The easiest way is to write out a cheque to Médecins Sans Frontières and post it along with a covering letter to (please don't send cash):

Médecins Sans Frontières
9 Upper Baggot Street
Dublin 4

Do you have any information about MSF that I can pass on to my potential sponsors or materials to display at an event?

Yes, a list of our fundraising materials can be found here.

Can I use MSF’s logo on promotional materials for my event?

Our logo can be used by individuals organising events as long as it is not altered in anyway and is correctly representing MSF. You can download a copy of our logo here. If you are a commercial organisation you are required to ask for permission to use our logo, please email Emma Mulligan.

Can I advertise my event on your website?

If you are organising a fundraising event that can be attended by the public then yes, we can advertise your event here. You will need to email Emma Mulligan with details to include the name of your event, date, time, location, a short description and links to relevant websites.

What’s the best way of collecting funds for a sponsored event?

The easiest way to collect funds for a sponsored event is by creating an online donation page. JustGiving is an easy way for donors to sponsor you, and allows you to regularly update your page with photos and an activity blog. For those who would prefer not to donate online you can download a sponsorship form here. If you collect cash then please bank the money and send us a cheque to cover the amount.

I would like to approach companies for sponsorship. Is this ok?

Collecting sponsorship from companies is a great way of increasing your sponsorship. Many companies offer a Matched Giving service where they match all the sponsorship raised by the staff. However, MSF does have a corporate gift acceptance policy that is followed in all areas of our fundraising.

Does MSF have allocated places in organised runs such as the Dublin Marathon?

MSF does not buy allocated places in any organised sporting event. MSF runners in events such as the London Marathon will have obtained places through the ballot system. If you have your own place and would like to use the opportunity to raise funds for MSF then do get in touch. We have running vests that you can use during your training and on the day of the race.

Can I raise money for a particular country or crisis?

As long as we are able to accept money for that country or crisis then this shouldn’t be a problem. Please contact Emma Mulligan for further details.

Feel free to conact us

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Emma Mulligan.

I'm just looking to donate

You can donate to MSF here.