22 Sep 16 28 Nov 16

Amend an existing regular donation

You can change the details of your regular donation, and other preferences, by following three simple steps.

1) Firstly, to help us identify who you are, please have this information ready (at least two of):

  • Your supporter number (if you know it)
  • Address
  • Surname

2) Next, decide which details you would like to change:

  • To amend the amount or collection date of your regular donation (taken out on the 3rd of the month), then you can email or call us (see below).
  • To amend your bank details, such as updating bank account used, please call us (below).
  • To update your address and/or name we also recommend that you call us (below).
  • To update which information you would like receive from us then email or call us (below).

3) Depending on what you would like to change in step two, contact us on:

Alternatively, if you would like to set-up a new donation please click here

Thank you for supporting MSF.