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Cholera Epidemic Gains Ground

Please note that this webclip contains some scenes that may be upsetting. After much consideration we have decided to publish it as we believe it conveys the seriousness of the epidemic in an accurate manner, without exaggeration or sensationalism.

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On Tuesday 16th November, the Haitian government announced that the death toll from the cholera outbreak that began last month had surpassed 1,000. MSF teams saw cases increasing across the country with particular spikes in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and the northern cities of Cap Haitien, Port de Paix, and Gros Morne.

The fundamental paradox remains in place: an easily treatable and preventable disease continues to claim lives. MSF has more than 150 international staff working alongside 1,000 Haitian staff to run cholera treatment programs and maintaining more than 1,000 beds of hospitalization capacity across the country.

Since October 22, MSF has treated 16,500 people for suspected cholera across the country. Even as MSF continues to increase its capacity to treat the critical preventative activities such as the distribution of clean drinking water, positioning of oral rehydration points in affected communities, waste removal, and safe burial of victims of the epidemic, all remain far below the needs.