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First MSF Babies of 2024

17 Jan 24

First MSF Babies of 2024

9 January 2023

With new life comes new hope. Meet the first babies of 2024 born in our maternity hospitals around the world.

Baby born in MSF supported clinic in Iraq. Caption
Baby born in MSF supported clinic in Iraq.

Name of the mother: Almas fathi


Almas Fathi arrived at the Amal Maternity Center run by MSF in Mosul, Iraq at midnight on New Year’s Eve. She was feeling tired and immediately entered the maternity ward. Only twenty minutes later, her fourth boy was born successfully and in good health, weighing 3 kg. Making him the first baby born in the new year of 2024 in the delivery rooms of MSF Iraq.


Almas, the child's mother, says, “We are still undecided about his name. We need more time to choose a unique name for him, but I am happy for his well-being, and I hope he becomes a dentist when he grows up.”

Name of mother: Abie Comber


Here pictured is the first baby of the new year born on 1 January in an MSF-managed maternal health unit in Sierra Leone.


Many women in Sierra Leone live in remote, rural areas, far from health facilities, and cannot afford the high cost of transport to reach a hospital. This is compounded by poor roads, a countrywide shortage of ambulances and a lack of proper patient referral mechanisms. By the time a woman experiencing complications in childbirth does manage to reach a hospital, it may be too late. Lucky for this mother and baby, both are healthy and doing well.

Baby born in MSF maternal clinic in Sierra Leone. Caption
Baby born in MSF maternal clinic in Sierra Leone.
Baby born in MSF supported maternity unit in Pakistan. Caption
Baby born in MSF supported maternity unit in Pakistan.

Name of Mother: Junaid Ahmad


In Pakistan on January 1 at midnight Junaid Ahmad was born near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border at Chaman MSF maternity unit. Mother Oliya, and her husband who works as a supply logistician with MSF were overjoyed at their new arrival who weighed a healthy 3.6 kg.


Oliya, 34, praised the MSF Chaman maternity staff for their supportive and attentive care during a smooth delivery. The family, local to Chaman, came to the maternity ward in a neighbor's taxi, offered for free. Oliya and her husband named Junaid on the first day, deviating slightly from the cultural norm of waiting three days.


Oliya has two sons already aged 12 and 6, and three daughters aged 10, 8, and 3 years. While she was in the hospital, Oliya's sisters-in-law and mother-in-law, cared for their other children. Oliya's wish for Junaid is simple and heartfelt: a long and healthy life.