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Haiti Earthquake Response

On January 12, a magnitude 7.0 quake struck about 10 miles (15 kilometers) southwest of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) teams on the ground have witnessed significant damage to its medical facilities, injuries to patients and staff and an influx of wounded towards these hospitals in the capital.


Six months on, living conditions for Haitians remain dire. Today, MSF publishes a report, "EMERGENCY RESPONSE AFTER THE HAITI EARTHQUAKE: CHOICES, OBSTACLES, ACTIVITIES AND FINANCE" including key data on our work to date and our commtiment to our future work in the country.

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All articles relating to MSF's emergency response efforts are listed below:

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15/01/2010  Haiti update: Over 1000 patients treated, more staff and supplies imminent

15/01/2010  INTERVIEW: Dr Greg Elder, 24 hours after the earthquake

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15/01/2010  Haiti update: Sites found for surgical work as patients pour in

15/01/2010  PHOTO GALLERY: Haiti earthquake photo update (from Reuters)

15/01/2010  Haiti update: Surgical services start in Port-au-Prince

16/01/2010  Inflatable hospitals: A fast and effective surgical response

17/01/2010  Haiti update: Logistics of MSF's response

17/01/2010  Haiti update: MSF Cargo Plane Blocked

17/01/2010  Haiti update: Never so many injuries

18/01/2010  Haiti update: Running operating theatres around the clock

18/01/2010  Haiti update: MSF scales up operations and assesses needs in new areas

19/01/2010  PHOTO GALLERY: MSF at work in Haiti

19/01/2010  Haiti update: MSF Teams Overwhelmed by Needs

19/01/2010  Haiti update: MSF's work seven days on.

21/01/2010  Haite update: Eight days on still a desperate need for medical supplies

21/01/2010  Haiti update: Severe aftershock sends medics and patients back into tents

22/01/2010 Haiti update: Mobile clinics and water provision programmes begin

24/01/2010 Haiti update: More focus on post-operative care

25/01/2010 Haiti update: Haitian MSF staff determined to help their people

26/01/2010 Haiti update: Surgery begins in inflatable hospital

27/01/2010 VIDEO: MSF's Haitian staff determined to help

27/01/2010 Haiti update: New facilities and mobile clinics

28/01/2010 VIDEO: Inflatable hospital means better conditions for patients in Haiti

29/01/2010 Haiti update: Day 16 and the range of MSF's work is increasing

01/02/10 Haiti earthquake: MSF activity timeline

02/02/10 Haiti update: Nature of injuries changing

05/02/10 Haiti update: Normal illnesses start to re-emerge among the trauma

11/02/10 VIDEO: Haiti - Working through the disaster

15/02/10 Haiti Update: From one emergency to the next

15/02/10 Haiti Update: The emergency phase is not over

16/02/10 Haiti Slideshow: Providing tents to earthquake victims

18/02/10 Haiti Update: Geraldine's Story

22/02/10 Haiti Update: Rebuilding lives, one by one, day by day

04/03/10 Haiti Update: Expansion of Post-op Care

05/03/10 Haiti Update: MSF Activity Timeline

05/03/10 Haiti Update: Haitians facing 'Intolerable breach of human dignity'