Yemen: "We could hear explosions and bombing all night long"

02 Apr 19

MSF opened a project in Haydan hospital in Yemen, in April 2015. On 26 October 2015, Haydan hospital was bombed and partially destroyed by a Saudi and Emirati-led coalition airstrike, leading to a suspension of MSF activities in Saada until December 2015 (remote control). Mid-February 2017, MSF restarted its direct involvement with a progressive implementation of activities (maternity in March 2017, IPD in April 2017, referral to Saada hospitals in May 2017, OPD in December 2017). The hospital was entirely rebuilt in April 2018. 

MSF teams are treating children every day, mostly affected by respiratory infection, measles, whooping cough and diphtheria, which could be easily prevented with vaccination. They receive wounded patients from the frontline and in the maternity unit they assist women giving birth, even during wartime. Haydan hospital is located close to frontlines, and teams can hear military planes flying over and explosions, particularly at night. In 2018, around 32,000 consultations were provided in the emergency room of Haydan hospital.