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Television and video

Working with television and video is a core part of our media work. We work extensively with major domestic and international news channels to try to ensure that we can help your outlets to cover humanitarian crises in the fastest and most effective way.

What we can provide:

B-roll footage

In breaking humanitarian crises, MSF send camera operators to the field to film the humanitarian needs and what we are doing to help. 

The footage is free of charge, and available for a period of two weeks after release. If the footage is required after that time, it will be available on a case by case basis depending on the angle of the story.

Studio and Skype interviews

MSF have spokespeople available both in our European headquarters and in the countries where we have operations.

If spokespeople are not available to be interviewed in television studios, we will arrange Skype interviews, internet connection and security situation permitting.

Field visits

MSF work in over sixty countries and have hundreds of projects worldwide. We are happy to arrange field visits to film our work, although this depends on the security situation at the time and the project you are working on.

We do not pay for journalist visits and we demand the highest journalistic ethics in order to protect the wellbeing of our patients.


We produce short web videos and animations that illustrate our work and the issues that we’re involved in. We are very happy for other websites and social media to use these videos if you credit our work.

A selection of the recent productions is below, if you would like to see more of our work please visit our YouTube channel.