17 Jun 16 28 Nov 16

B-ROLL | Rescue of 18 children in the Med

On 15 June, Bourbon Argos rescued 140 people in the Central Mediterranean, including 38 women and 18 children.

"Today's rescue is a clear example of the tremendous risks that people who are fleeing have to take as there are no safe and legal ways to seek protection. We rescued 18 small children from a partly deflated and over-crowded inflatable boat north of Libya" said Sebastien Stein, MSF Field coordinator on the Bourbon Argos.

"In desperation mothers and fathers flung their children onto our small rescue boat allowing themselves to be separated from their dearest, blindly trusting us, complete strangers, as we shuttled them to our large rescue vessel. It is heartbreaking to see that families with children only a few months old find themselves in such horrible situations.

Today, all survived but it could easily have ended opposite. The strong sun and the little water makes for a even more dangerous journey besides the obvious risk of drowning." Since the beginning of the operation the 21 of April, the three MSF teams on Aquarius, Dignityi I and Bourbon Argos assisted 3623 people in 29 rescue operations.

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