22 Jan 14 28 Nov 16

Central African Republic: Situation worsens, Jane-Ann McKenna on Ireland AM

Jane-Ann McKenna, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Ireland Director speaks about the situation in the Central African Republic on Ireland AM

MSF’s mobile emergency team in Bangui is providing  medical care at three camps for displaced people, following an outbreak of violence that has swept through the capital since 5 December. MSF’s clinic at the airport is addressing the medical needs of more than 100,000 displaced people who have sought refuge at the airport. MSF is primarily providing dressing for wounds, abscesses and burns and treating respiratory tract infections and malaria, but also providing referrals of medical and surgical emergencies to hospital structures in the city, such as the Castor Maternity, the Community Hospital or the Pediatric Complex in Bangui.