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The emergency in Yemen

The conflict in Yemen has touched almost every family in the country. Thousands have been killed or injured and millions have been displaced from their homes. 

Outbreaks of disease, violence and a shortage of the basic means of survival have exacerbated the already dire situation. Much of the public infrastructure, including health facilities, has been destroyed. A blockade by the Saudi and Emirati-led coalition (SELC), has caused price rises and a lack of essential medicines, crippling Yemenis’ access to healthcare yet further.  

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The health system has all but collapsed, drastically increasing the risk of outbreaks of deadly diseases such as cholera, measles and diphtheria. Were it not for the conflict, vaccines could have prevented these diseases and lives could have been saved. We are witnessing a staggering gap in the provision of healthcare for women and children and our emergency departments are struggling to cope with huge influxes of war wounded patients.

"Three years of conflict, blockades on essential goods and strikes on hospitals have caused the Yemeni health system to essentially collapse. The government hasn’t paid nurses or doctors for up to two years and now there are largely only private hospitals where treatment isn’t free. Many people simply cannot afford to pay for their healthcare as the prices of basic goods have risen drastically"

The dire needs in Yemen have led MSF to massively scale up our medical operations. We work in 13 hospitals and health centres across the country and offer support to over 20 more.
Yemen is in need of a massive increase in humanitarian aid, yet the rising needs far exceed what we can address. 
We cannot do it alone.

By making a donation to our Yemen Emergency Appeal you will not only help us to provide our patients with essential medical care, but you also help to raise awareness of this underreported crisis.
It's people like you who help us respond to the people affected by these crises. You also allow us to remain independent, neutral and impartial. Thank you.

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