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Europe! HANDS OFF Our Medicine!

To add your name to the Europe! HANDS OFF Our Medicine petition go to action.msf.org

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By signing our online petition “Europe HANDS OFF! Our Medicine” you can take real action towards helping more people in the developing world live longer, healthier lives, and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.


Latest Campaign Updates:

HANDS OFF demonstrations have been held worldwide



Millions of people in developing countries rely on affordable generic medicines to stay alive. But the European Commission is pushing aggressive trade policies that will severely restrict the manufacture, supply and ultimately the availability of these life-saving medicines.

The attack is taking a number of different forms, including free trade agreements, international treaties, and customs regulations. If Europe succeeds, millions of people across the developing world could see their source of affordable medicines dry up, as generic companies will no longer have the space to produce or sell them.

MSF International President, Dr. Unni Karunakara encourages MSF supporters to sign the Europe! HANDS OFF Our Medicine petition

“We depend on access to affordable generic medicines like those produced in India to treat all kinds of diseases. We buy 80% of our AIDS medicines from India - medicines that keep 160,000 people alive today,” said Dr. Unni Karunakara, President of MSF’s International Council. “On their behalf, we cannot remain silent as Europe works to close the door on every aspect of drug supply – the production of a generic medicine, its registration, and its transportation.

Help Médecins Sans Frontières send a message to the European Commission to keep their HANDS OFF Our Medicine

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