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Fighting TB with open-source tech

How do you bring advanced data systems to field hospitals without the internet or IT staff? That’s the challenge Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) faced.

MSF is implementing the tools for a new clinical trial called endTB, which is testing the first new tuberculosis drugs developed in almost 50 years.

The endTB project covers 15 countries and is designed to find shorter, less toxic, and more effective treatments for patients with multi-drug resistant forms of TB.

High-tech solution

To join this collaboration, teams must be equipped to capture rich patient data and share it securely with international colleagues.

In this interview, MSF project manager Safiya Arnaout describes her experience integrating a high-tech solution into low-tech hospital settings, empowering medical teams to use data in innovative ways.

MSF has been fighting TB for over 30 years. We provide treatment for the disease in many different contexts, from chronic conflict situations, such as Sudan, to vulnerable patients in stable settings such as Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation.

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