The first MSF deliveries of 2020

07 Jan 20

Each year MSF medical teams assist hundreds of thousands of mothers to bring their little ones into the world.

In the early hours of New Year’s Day, while many people were celebrating the new year MSF midwives and gynaecologists were hard at work welcoming the first babies of the decade into MSF health facilities.

Here are some of the first babies of 2020.

Gambella, Ethiopia

Baby Eyob was born at 32 minutes past midnight on the 22nd of Tahasass 2012 as per the Ethiopian calendar, and was one of the first babies of the 2020 Gregorian (western) calendar at our hospital in Gambella. He’s the second child for his mum Bediriya who works for another NGO in the town.

Bediriya had a not complicated pregnancy and delivery. She started feeling pain in the afternoon of the 31st while she was at home. Bediriya told us she came to the MSF hospital in Gambella as she believed it to be the best hospital in the town. Eyob is Bediriya's second baby, and he hopes that he will receive a good education.

Baby boy Manamanya was born at 1:05 am on New Year's Day weighing 3.2 kilograms.  

His mother Pari Ojulu Ochan is 22 years old  and is studying to be a teacher. Her pregnancy was not complicated. At delivery she developed postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) but now she is doing fine. She started feeling pain in the morning of the 31st while at university. Pari Ojuluis originally from Pugnido but is now living in Gambella Town to study. This is her third baby. Pari Ojulu hopes that Manamanyawill become a medical doctor.

Nyalul Kuith holding her baby boy Chudier, weighing 2.6 kilograms, born at 9am on New Year's Day. Nyalul is 18 years old, she is studying in 6th grade of school.

She had a not complicated pregnancy and delivery. She started feeling pain during the evening of the 31st while at home,). This is her first baby. Nyalul hopes that Chudier will receive a good education.

Khost, Afghanistan

This baby boy was born at 00:06 on New Year's Day weighing 4.35 kilograms. His family will decide his name when they get home. 

The mother already has two children. This boy is her third baby to be born alive. She has been pregnant six times, but during the last three pregnancies, the baby died before delivery. They come from a mountainous area, and had to drive one hour very fast to get to the hospital in time.

The mother was told by many people in her village that she should deliver in the MSF Hospital as they give good care to mothers and babies. Due to the loss of her previous three babies during other pregnancies, she thought it would be safer to deliver in Khost Maternity Hospital.

Mosul, Iraq

Baby Jood just made it to the new decade and was born at 00:02am in Nablus Hospital in west Mosul, Iraq. His mum Hania had been admitted just two and a half hours earlier and thankfully suffered no complications whilst bringing her 3.15 kilogram son into the world. Hania has the simple wish that her son will grow up to enjoy a good life.

Sinuni, Iraq 

Halida Khalid's little boy was born at 18:00 on New Year’s Day in MSF's Sinuni Hospital in the Sinjar region in northwestern Iraq. Mammy may be tired but she sure is happy to have safely welcomed her little guy.

Fatila Hundul's baby boy was born at 21:35 on New Year’s Day in MSF's Sinuni Hospital, near Sinjar, in northwestern Iraq weighing 3.0kgs.

Arsal, Lebanon

One of the first babies of 2020 born at our maternity unit in Arsal, Lebanon.

Bentiu, South Sudan

This sweet boy was born at 27 minutes past midnight on January 1st in the MSF hospital in Bentiu South Sudan. His 18-year-old first-time mum Nyalaat endured long labour but showed incredible strength to bring all 3.05 kilograms of him screaming into the light. He doesn’t have a name yet but Nyalaat dreams of sending her son to school for a proper education.

White Nile State, Sudan

Meet Baby Jacqueline, she was born a refugee in White Nile State in Sudan at 18:00 on New Year's Day. The petite little lady was 2.5 kilograms at birth and her mum, Angelina, hopes that one day Jacqueline can become a doctor and help women and girls. MSF’s hospital in White Nile is right in front of the refugee camp Angelina lives in and she followed antenatal care with the MSF team so headed to the hospital as soon as the labour pains started.