Haiti slideshow: Providing tents to earthquake victims

15 Feb 10

Needs are changing in Haiti. As the number of people needing emergency surgery and treatment of wounds diminish, the provision of post-operative care, general healthcare and food, water and materials, becomes more of a necessity.

After setting up the inflatable hospital on the site of the Saint Louis School, MSF teams assessed the living conditions of the people living in the nearby camp and the decision was taken to distribute tents to the 1,800 families (8,500 people) living there. To make sure the distribution took place smoothly, recipients were taken by bus to a different site where the distribution was carried out before being driven back to the camp. This innovative approach has been very successful. MSF's Etienne Gignoux explain.

© Jean-Marc Jacobs/MSF A Haitian woman carries a tent away from an MSF distribut