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Mali: MSF team reaches Konna

Update 28.01.13

An MSF team consisting of a surgeon, doctor, nurse and coordinator, was able to reach Douentza in central Mali on Saturday 26 January. They met up with a first MSF medical team who had remained in Douentza hospital around the clock during the airstrikes. Over the last three days, more than 500 consultations have been performed.  Over the next few days MSF is hoping to start mobile clinics in order to evaluate the general health needs in the area and treat more patients.

For several days MSF has been requesting access to Konna, a town in the pivotal area where the north and south of the country meet. This morning the first MSF medical team, comprising two doctors and two nurses, made the journey from Mopti to Konna.

Map showing Mali in West Africa © MSF

The team is assessing the medical and humanitarian needs in the area and has already evaluated the main health centre in the town. “Their initial assessment describes a situation where the inhabitants have not had access to healthcare for several days,” says Dario Bertetto, MSF head of mission in Mali. “Health facilities were empty of both medical staff and patients.”

The team has started providing primary healthcare consultations and is organising mobile clinics to understand the health status of the population. If necessary, MSF could scale up capacity to offer support to the Konna’s main health centre.

MSF also hopes soon to be able to reach its team in the town of Douentza, where resupply has been impossible because access is still denied.