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Month in Focus: August 2017

Take a look at some our work across the world this past month. Much of our work in August has been with refugees. This month, we look at how we have worked to make people’s lives better in a transit town in Italy, and by building a water treatment plant in a Ugandan camp.

Also this month, we look at the uncertain futures of babies born as refugees. MSF midwives Alice and Maysoon describe similar situations in two very different contexts for expectant mothers.

Midwife on the Mediterranean

Alice is the only midwife on board one of our search and rescue ships. As well as caring for expectant mums, it's also her job to look after all the women and children. This month she started vlogging from Aquarius. Here, she tells us about how she's preparing for her first rescue.

10,000 Syrian babies born in MSF hospital

One-hundred-and-forty-thousand Syrian refugees are living in Irbid, Jordan, where MSF runs a Mother and Child Hospital. This month marked the 10,000th Syrian baby born in the hospital. In this video Maysoon Hijazi, Head Midwife, gives us a tour of the clinic. Eighty-seven percent of patients are Syrian refugees.

The logistics of water treatment

Uganda is now the largest refugee hosting country in Africa. The total number of South Sudanese refugees here is estimated to reach one  million by the end of 2017. Our water and sanitation experts have been busy building water treatment plants in the camps to prevent the spread of disease.

Refugees stuck in Italy

So far this year nearly 94,391 people have arrived on Italy's shores from Libya. The Italian town of Ventimiglia has turned into a main transit hub for people trying to reach France. This part of the journey is riddled with difficulty due to ever-stricter border policies.

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