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Month in Focus | January 2017

Take a look at our Month in Focus for an in-depth look at our work around the world this past month.

This month, we take a look at:


Hundreds of thousands of people from South Sudan have fled to Uganda, leaving everything behind to escape violence, rape and abductions at the hands of armed men. MSF is at Yumbe camp, providing healthcare and installing water points and latrines for some 250,000 people. Find out more about our work in Uganda.


In response to the collapse of the Calais Jungle, the "Humanitarian Centre" was opened by the state and Paris city authorities in November. Despite providing shelter to over 3,000 people, it is not enough. Hundreds of migrants are sleeping rough in Pairs, exposed to the cold and police harassment. Find out more about our work in France.


Since the offensive to retake Mosul from ISIS was launched in October 2016, 70,000 civilians have fled the city and resettled in displaced persons camps. MSF is at Hassan Sham and Khazer camps providing comprehensive mental healthcare, helping people find strength to confront the challenges that lie ahead. Find out more about our work in Iraq.


A snapshot into the life of 82-year old Taisiya, who has seen her home bombed twice during the conflict in Ukraine. She receives treatment for her heart condition as well as mental health support from MSF. Find out more about our work in Ukraine.

Mass Casualty Plan

What happens when disaster strikes, forcing a hospital to treat an influx of mass casualties? This is an in-depth look into how our teams around the world cope and develop strategies for such events, managing high numbers of incoming patients which exceed a hospital's capacity to respond.


Corinne Torre is a coordinator of MSF's migrant and asylum seeker project, launched in Paris in December 2016. As part of the project, we run mobile clinics, offering medical assistance to people unable to access care through official channels. Find out more about refugees and displaced people.

Facts and Figures: Nigeria

Between September and December 2016, MSF delivered 40,000 food rations to families in Nigeria. Here's a breakdown of the facts and figures. Find out more about our work in Nigeria.


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