21 Sep 11 28 Nov 16

MSF and Medical Anthropolgy

MSF's Health Policy and Practice Advisor, Beverley Skinner, spoke to "Under the Sun" on NEAR FM about medical anthroplogy in MSF's programmes.

[swf file="under_the_sun_-_msf_health_policy_and_practice_advisor_discusses_medical_anthropology22.mp3"]

Beverley Skinner is a trained anthropologist with clinical experience as a paediatric nurse practitioner; she has worked within public health as a health advisor, medical coordinator and research study coordinator. She has done fieldwork in Africa, Central and South Asia, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Her formative work involves research and practice in qualitative methodologies in order to develop local health strategies that fit within the cultural context. More recently, she is studying public policy, which involves specific health policy research.

This interview was broadcast on Near FM in Ireland, and Radio Sofaia Altitude in Guadeloupe.