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MSF Month in Focus: February 2017

This month, we look at:


On 17 January, an airstrike on a displaced persons camp in Borno State left at least 90 people dead and over 150 wounded. This region of northeast Nigeria is victim to the conflict between the Nigerian army and Boko Haram. Most of the casualties we treated were under 12-years-old. Find out more about our work in Nigeria.


Yemen has endured close to two years of very heavy fighting. MSF is one of the few organisations left in the beseiged town Taiz. With the conflict on their doorstep, people are risking their lives to get to the nearest hospitals. Find out more about our work in Yemen.


We are using images, videos and cartography to invesitgate attacks on MSF and MSF-supported hospitals. This is helping us find out who's responsible, reduce further attacks, and demand admission of responsibility. Find out more about this technology.


Close to 1,700 refugees are living in disused buildings in Belgrade city centre, where temperatures drop as low as -20C. Several months ago, the Serb authorities reduced aid to refugees and now allow only distributions of food and blankets. Find out more about our work with refugees and displaced people.


At our clinic in Nairobi, we offer victims of sexual violence a range of support including; psychological counselling, medical treatment, social support and legal advice. Our centre is located in the heart of the slums in Kenya's capital city. Find out more about our work in Kenya.

United States

In January, US president Donald Trump reinstated the 'global gag rule'. This policy bans US federal funding to non-governmental organisations from either discussing or providing abortion services. This is putting the lives of women and girls around the world at serious risk, who may seek unsafe abortions when education or proper services are not available. 

Facts and Figures: Cambodia

There are an estimated 300,000 to 750,000 people living with Hepatitis C in Cambodia. The main risk factors are blood transfusions, unsafe drug injection, and traditional medicine in unhygienic conditions (acupuncture). Find out more about our work in Cambodia.


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