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Responding to the crisis of migration in Kos

There has been a sharp increase this year in the number of people arriving in Greece and especially on the Dodecanese islands, fleeing war, violence and poverty in their home countries.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 46,000 refugees have arrived in the Greek islands by sea from Turkey in inflatable dinghies. More than 14,000 refugees have arrived in the Dodecanese islands.

Muhammed, 26, from Afghanistan, recounts his experience of being an asylum seeker: “I was thinking about my family, not myself”

Since March 2015, MSF has been working on the island of Kos to provide care to newly arrived migrants and refugees.

So far, the MSF team has conducted more than 1,500 medical consultations, treating patients for chronic diseases that need medical follow-up, upper respiratory tract infections, skin infections, muscle pain and gastro-intestinal diseases.

The majority of newly arrived people are sleeping in or around the Hotel Captain Elias – a dilapidated abandoned building on the outskirts of Kos town. Hundreds of people sleep wherever they can find a space, in hallways, staircases and on the dusty ground floor that used to be the hotel lobby.

Migrant search and rescue in the Mediterranean Sea