22 Jun 12 28 Nov 16

South Sudan: 'People in dire need'

MSF's International Communication Coordinator, Erwin van't Land, spoke to BBC Africa about the refugee crisis on the border between North Sudan and South Sudan. Jump to map

"I've been working for MSF for 17 years and in quite a number of emergencies, but I can't remember ever coming back from an emergency with the kind of lump I felt in my throat physically this time. People are in dire need"

Our teams will be able to supply Sudanese refugees at one temporary site with 2.5 liters of water per person per day. The minimum amount of water that should be allocated in refugee emergencies is 15 liters per person per day. MSF is calling on other agencies to urgently step up to supply water.

Map of MSF emergency activities in South Sudan ast at 21 June 2012


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