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Syria: "Aleppo is under fire" as airstrikes continue

The death toll from the attack on the Al-Quds hospital has now climbed to 55, as more bodies were pulled from the rubble following airstrikes which took place on Wednesday evening, 27 April 2016.

During the attack, airstrikes first hit buildings neighbouring the hospital, which served as the main paediatric service for the city of Aleppo. As wounded patients were being transferred to the hospital further airstrikes hit the hospital itself, in what appears to have been a “double tap” airstrike.  

Six staff from the hospital were killed in the attack, including the last paediatrician in Aleppo, a dentist, 2 nurses, a technician and a guard.

Early reports indicate that it will be at least two weeks before the hospital will be able to reopen as efforts are focused on recovering and repairing whatever can be salvaged.

Extensive damage

The emergency room and the laboratory have been completely destroyed, including the destruction of essential equipment and drugs. The paediatric unit has been almost entirely destroyed, including the loss of 7 incubators.

The intensive care unit is less damaged but will still require a huge effort to get back up.

MSF is committed to helping the hospital with whatever support it may need at this time and into the future.

Reports from Aleppo

MSF has heard reports that people in Aleppo are terrified. Schools are closed and there is no-one in the street. People are now hiding in basements.

“Aleppo is under fire – with people reportedly having no choice but to stay and die" said Muskilda Zancada, MSF head of mission, Syria.

“We are hearing as airstrikes continue to target hospitals and civilian areas there is nobody left on the streets. People devastated by years of war are trapped in this nightmare. Many are entirely dependent on humanitarian aid, and have no resources to leave."

Attacks on medical supplies

Airstrikes are not only hitting hospitals but have struck warehouses in which medical donations and equipment are stored before being delivered to healthcare facilities.

This includes the Pre-Hospital System managed by the Aleppo Directorate of Health to which MSF is one of the donors.

A number of civilians were killed in these attacks as well as ambulances and other vital medical equipment was destroyed.

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