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MSF publications

MSF believes in the principal of témoignage - or 'bearing witness' - which means being willing to speak out about what we see happening in front of us. In MSF, this means willingness to speak on behalf of the people we assist: to bring abuses and intolerable situations to the public eye.

We also believe in openness, honesty and self-reflection as a way to improve our work and world of humanitarian action.

These reports, magazines and discussion papers are available to download, please feel free to read, share and let us know what you think.


Here you can read MSF Ireland's quarterly newsletter. Please click on the image to browse our Dispatches.

'Speaking Out' case studies

A series of studies from MSF that openly examine and analyse the organisation’s actions and decision-making processes during humanitarian emergencies that have led it to speak out (link leads to external website).


Here you can read about humanitarian and international aid issues debated at MSF's discussion evenings. Please click on the image to browse our Dialogues.

Activity reports

Here you can read a recap of the fieldwork that MSF has done in the preceding year. Please click on the image to browse our reports.