As a midwife with MSF your experience in both complicated and normal deliveries will be essential.

From visiting expectant mothers to carrying out ante-natal checks, to training birth attendants in busy maternity departments in big hospital settings, MSF midwives are a vital part of most project teams.


Midwives are based in the projects where we work, and often work both in health centres and do some outreach work in the community.

No matter what the context- whether working in natural disasters, conflicts or poverty affected communities - babies will continue to be born and midwives will always be needed.

It's a challenging and rewarding role and you will be responsible for some or all of the following: 

  • Pre and post-delivery care
  • Deliveries, often complicated
  • Care of survivors of sexual violence
  • Setting up maternity departments in new health centres/hospitals
  • Working with community birth attendants to ensure safe community birthing practices
  • Running awareness programs in the community
  • Training local midwives
  • On-call care, often 24 hours

As a midwife with MSF, your experience in both complicated and normal deliveries will be essential.

You could be involved in setting up a mother-child health department in a rural clinic, providing reproductive health care from mobile clinics or treating patients in an urban hospital.

Your training skills will be crucial because you may be assigned to help traditional birth attendants develop new skills. At the same time, you will need to learn from the women you treat to understand cross-cultural issues surrounding childbirth.

Stories from the field

To read first hand stories from midwives working in the field for MSF, visit our blog.


  • Irish Nursing Board or Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration 
  • Significant post-qualification experience as a midwife
  • Experience in supervising, managing and training others
  • Experience in supervising and management
  • Willingness to be regularly on call for difficult and complicated deliveries
  • Available for a minimum of nine months
  • Minimum of three months' work, volunteering or travel experience in developing countries
  • Willingness to work in unstable areas
  • Adaptable and able to work in a multi-cultural team
  • Flexible and able to manage stress

Please note that in order to work with MSF as a midwife, it is not necessary to also be qualified as a nurse.


  • Strong French skills
  • Tropical nursing diploma
  • Knowledge of STDs/HIV/AIDS
  • Family planning experience
  • Community midwifery experience

We are currently looking for midwives with good French and Arabic Skills.

If you speak French or Arabic to a level where you can be placed in a French or Arabic speaking mission such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad or Yemen, you are much more likely to be accepted onto the MSF register

before you apply

Your safety and security 

We take safety and security seriously. This video explains the risks our staff face and the lengths we go to keep them safe.

Please watch this before you decide whether or not to apply for this job.

What's it like working with MSF? 

In most projects you'll be living and working in stressful conditions without many of the things you may take for granted at home.

Please watch this short video and reflect on why you want to work for MSF before starting your application. 

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