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Finance coordinator

Mamane Bassirou, MSF field finance manager in Bangassou, Central African Republic Caption
Mamane Bassirou, MSF field finance manager in Bangassou, Central African Republic

Being a finance coordinator with us can be a complex but rewarding job.

From ensuring that finances are available to fund a fast scale-up of operations so that Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) can respond immediately to a natural disaster, through to making sure that finances are managed carefully, appropriately and in line with local laws in the country, MSF finance coordinators make sure that every department has what it needs to do the best job possible, no matter what happens.


Our finance coordinators develop and implement finance policies and provide expert support for all the projects in that country.

It’s a diverse role and you would be responsible for some or all of the following: 

  • Providing advice and support to international HR and finance managers in the projects
  • Developing budgets that cater for the needs of each project, but also forecast possible increases in needs in line with the local context
  • Developing appropriate policies
  • Providing support to the field teams as they close accounts each month
  • Approving all project expenditure, from medical supplies through to logistics materials​

I have to plan every single budget line with the corresponding accounting codes and split the forecasted spending by each month. It means quite some work, but it's worth it to know our patients will get the care they need!

Nicole Baechtold
MSF Finance & HR Coordinator, Lebanon

Application guide

Read our guide on the application process for all overseas roles

Role requirements

  • ​Financial administration (accounting and reporting)
  • Financial management (planning and budget control)
  • Training - minimum higher vocational level
  • Demonstrable experience with administrative organisation
  • Familiarity with human resources management and policy principles
  • Available for a minimum of nine to 12 months
  • Minimum of three months travel or work experience in low- and/or middle-income countries
  • Willing to work in unstable areas
  • Adaptable and able to work in a team
  • Flexible and able to manage stress
  • Able to provide training and supervision to others
  • Fluency in English


  • Knowledge of guidelines of major funding institutions (e.g. ECHO, OFDA, etc.) for budgeting and reporting
  • Good French or Arabic language skills. Please note: your language level may be tested during the recruitment process.

Before you apply

Make sure you read our application process guide for an overview of what to expect when you apply for an overseas role.

We take your safety, security and wellbeing seriously. Please watch these videos before you decide whether or not to apply for this job.

Apply to be a financial coordinator

Please only apply if you meet all of the requirements below. 


I have read and understood the role description, and feel I can fulfil this role


I have spent at least three months travelling or working in low- and/or middle-income countries


Ireland is my place of residence and I have the right to live and work in Ireland


I have a valid passport


I have managed a team of people


I am available for a minimum of nine to 12 months