Being a project coordinator with MSF is a truly stimulating and rewarding experience.

From conducting exploration missions to managing teams of hundreds of staff, MSF project coordinators plan, manage and develop our field projects ensuring that all the departments work together to provide high quality care, whatever the needs.


Our project coordinators are always based in the project (unless it is managed at distance due to security), and work together with the country coordination team to manage the project operations, team and security.

It’s an exciting and diverse role and they are responsible for some or all of the following: 

  • Implementation of project activities by coordinating the optimal use of medical, logistical, financial and human resources
  • Supporting the team in the analyses of medical data, activity indicators and quality of care
  • Ensuring the continuity and coherence of the health structures, medical-, paramedical- and psychosocial activities
  • Acting as a liaison and arbitration point between different parties working in hospitals, health centres and/or mobile clinics
  • Being responsible for the implementation of the team health policy
  • Representing MSF on project issues towards local communities, authorities and their counterparts and towards UN agencies and other nongovernmental organizations in the project area while taking into account the goals, objectives and strategy for the mission as a whole
  • Promoting MSF identity and principles as an independent humanitarian medical organization.
  • Negotiating with different actors and stakeholders
  • Being responsible for human resource management of a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team including supervision and coaching of local and international staff
  • Contributing to create, review and update policies and reports such as country policies, annual plans and trimester reports
  • Preparing and monitor project proposals, budgets and evaluations
  • In collaboration with the Project Administrator) Ensuring correct implementation of the administration including bookkeeping, national staff salary administration and cash flow planning
  • Planning, monitoring and ensuring logistics continuity in the project sites
  • Providing regular monthly reports on programmatic, security and contextual matters
  • Liaising with the country management team as appropriate
  • Fluency in English

Stories from the field

To read more first-hand stories from project coordinators working overseas with MSF, visit our blog.


We are only recruiting a small number of project coordinators at the moment so please only apply if you meet all essential criteria specified below.

(For internal candidates currently working with MSF, please speak to your line manager in the field or to your HRO directly, we do not accept internal applications for the post of project coordinator via this website as the screening process is different.)

At least 3 years experience working with MSF or another humanitarian organization, of which at least 1 year in a similar or managerial position and 1 in highly insecure and unstable environments (conflict zones or natural disasters)
Proven ability in being responsible for delegated security management is essential
Extensive experience (professional or travel) outside of your home country. Experience in remote/low-resource settings
Leadership: coaching and supervision of large multidisciplinary and multicultural teams
Proven interest in and understanding of humanitarian and emergency medical aid
Experience in project management, budget control and project cycles
Ability to cope with stress and to organize and prioritize workload
Ability to work in an international team
Capacity to work highly independently
Willingness to work in an unstable and insecure environment
Proficiency in both English and one of the following languages: French, Arabic or Spanish
Availability of at least 12 months



Work experience within a medical organization


We're currently looking for project coordinators with good French or Arabic skills. If you can speak French or Arabic you're much more likely to be accepted onto our register. Your language level may be tested during the recruitment process.

*MSF Ireland can only accept applications for field positions from Irish residents who have a valid permit to work in Ireland. If you do not have this we cannot accept your application

before you apply

Your safety and security 

We take safety and security seriously. This video explains the risks our staff face and the lengths we go to keep them safe.

Please watch this before you decide whether or not to apply for this job.

What's it like working with MSF? 

In most projects you'll be living and working in stressful conditions without many of the things you may take for granted at home.

Please watch this short video and reflect on why you want to work for MSF before starting your application. 

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