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Help your fellow doctors to save lives.

Médecins Sans Frontières medical professionals are providing life-saving medical care around the world, often in challenging situations. We work in highly unstable countries, facing logistical challenges and violence to provide medical care to those who need it. The front line is our waiting room.

Medical need is our only motivation. We go where others can’t or won’t. Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are just four of over 70 countries where our teams are on the ground caring for patients. The warzone is our theatre.

It is our mission to go where we are needed. We need your help to get there. 


Irish doctors share their experiences in the field.

Mark Sherlock is an Irish doctor working in one of MSF's HIV and multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) projects in slum settlements outside of Nairobi, Kenya.

"We are working on pioneering a new way to treat TB, aiming to decrease the length of treatment from 21 months down to 6 months. This research could save hundreds of thousands of lives around the world."

Doctor Conor worked with refugees in Greece from March to September 2016. He has also worked on the search and rescue ship the MV Aquarius on the Mediterranean Sea.

“At best, I can see maybe 70-80 percent of the people on the boat, and I know well that the most sick people are going to be lying on the ground, and they’re the people I cannot see… We are the soft bandage when a stiff tourniquet is needed.”

Doctor Laura Heavey is an Irish paediatrician treating severely malnourished children in the volatile Borno State. Access to healthcare is a major concern for this population in Nigeria.

“Sometimes ward rounds in the hospital can be quite upsetting, as you hear the traumas that people had to live through... I am amazed on a daily basis by the resilience of these mothers.”